Advantages of Reverse Osmosis System

At present, among all types of filters, reverse osmosis systems are the most popular. But what is it – just a tribute to fashion or really profitable and highly efficient technology? We will try to understand in this article. Separately, it should be said that the installation of reverse osmosis system should be trusted only to specialists of high level. You can order such a service from the company High Water Standard

The design and operating principle

The main cleaning element of the reverse osmosis system is a membrane consisting of layers of semi-permeable materials – the thinnest mesh, the last layer of which has pores of 0.00001 µm and transmits only water and oxygen molecules. The membrane materials that provide such a fine purification are delicate and fragile, so the water entering the membrane needs to be pre-cleaned from coarse impurities. Such purification is provided by a prefilter unit, usually consisting of carbon and polypropylene cartridges, and this unit effectively traps organics, chlorine, pesticides, etc.

Water is supplied to the reverse osmosis system at a pressure of 2.5-6 atmospheres – this is the standard pressure for the water supply network, but if your network pressure is lower, you need a system complete with a pump. Not all water can be effectively purified, so concentrate that cannot pass any of the layers of the membrane is sent to the sewerage system, and filtered water, passing through a perforated tube, goes to the storage tank.

Before direct delivery to the tap for purified water, the final stage of purification with the help of post-filter takes place, where the unpleasant smell of chlorine, which is characteristic of our water, is neutralized, transparency and natural taste are returned. The system can be complemented by a mineralizer, structurizer, UV lamp and all kinds of unique cartridges.

Large assortment

A great variety of assemblies and technological solutions will allow you to choose a system that meets virtually any requirement:

  • at cost: budget, average price category, premium class;
  • on productivity: for the house, office, mini-production;
  • on intensity of clearing: from 4 to 9 steps of a filtration.

System maintenance

Each system cartridge has its own operating life, after which it must be replaced. The new block-module technology has significantly reduced the size of the system, and the cartridges are now replaced quickly and conveniently, as the complete replacement of the module, not just the filler flask. However, the flask+filler cartridges still benefit from the cost.

Cleaning quality

No other treatment element of other systems can yet be compared in terms of efficiency with the quality of water treatment with the reverse osmosis membrane. For example, viruses are 200 times larger than the membrane cell size and bacteria 4000 times larger, so even these harmful elements will be effectively neutralized.

The popularity of reverse osmotic systems is still justified

As you can see, the reverse osmosis system does have some convincing advantages. If you are interested in this technology, you will find the largest range of reverse osmosis systems in the network. Managers will be happy to help you select a system that meets your criteria, as well as answer all your questions. It is only important to always choose those companies that can guarantee you quality filters and can take care of their installation. At the moment there are certain companies on the market that can offer you such services. They will be able to provide you with everything you need and at the same time provide the best services.