Handyman Services

The demand for quality work related to electrical, plumbing, assembly or disassembly of furniture, minor repairs has always existed. Not every home has a craftsman with such multifaceted talents. Suitable tools may not be on hand. Expensive and unreasonable.

In this case, the optimal solution to the problem is a handyman. Companies that specialize in this kind of service, are staffed in multidisciplinary specialists – masters. This expands the range of services and allows you to quickly fulfill incoming requests.

Handyman is a universal solution for cases. Handyman is ready to provide prompt assistance for a reasonable fee. The main thing when submitting requests is to fully describe the situation in order to correctly select the work that needs to be done.


The one-time services of a guest handyman have a certain cost. This is an obvious collaboration! A person solving any domestic problem arrives with a set of necessary tools, equipment, with a supply of consumables. He is aimed at high-quality performance of works, has a complex of knowledge and skills.

When it comes to complex areas such as plumbing and electrical, personal intervention is unacceptable. After all, you can try to fix the problem, but do not have the necessary knowledge and skills, which can provoke a large-scale communal accident, in which the neighbors will suffer.

The company mrdoesall.com offers a range of services, a way to fix any local domestic disaster quickly, professionally and at a reasonable price:

  1. from 1 to 3 hours;
  2. in emergency situations, can leave within 1 hour;
  3. specialists work neatly and cleanly;
  4. in the state, there are no workers with bad habits;
  5. the price of the work is negotiated with the customer before their implementation;
  6. the services provide a warranty;
  7. if necessary, to order and deliver to the address of the necessary materials, agreed with the customer their quantity and cost.

This service applies to the installation of plumbing, heating batteries or electrical work. Elderly people also gladly ask for help from such a specialist. They are attracted to a quick solution to various home problems for a reasonable fee. It may not necessarily be an emergency situation. Sometimes, help is needed in adapting the living space. If necessary, an on-call specialist will replace the usual bedroom switch with a pass-through switch that can be used from two points in the room at once, such as from the entrance and from the sleeping area.